Blessing of God Farm

What's the plan? The dream is, that working together, we will come up with the best way to produce the best product that the land can give in order to provide for the Nandaime School of Blessing. That's the local part. The national part is to bring pastors and lay people from other areas of Nicaragua to learn how to duplicate the farm in their region and to be blessed with some theological training at the same time. 

Internationally,  the farm and training center will serve as a pioneer missionary preparation school. Latin America students can come for 9-12 months to learn the many things they will need to know to be sent out to unreached people groups of Latin America and around the world. 

Due to political unrest, this project is currently being maintained at a minimal level.

Blessing of God School

The people and the school in Nandaime were blessed by the recent corn harvest. There was a Corn Festival enjoyed by everyone in the community. Pastor Mario took Bibles and food packs to pastors in the northern departments of Nicaragua. God is on the move!

COVID-19 Update - Though the Nicaraguan government has not issued shelter-at-home orders like we have in the USA, but the fear factor is evident with people staying home from work and keeping their children home from school. Summer break is on and teachers are taking continuing education classes. Classes are planned to resume in August - Lord willing. 

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Blessing of God School Bulletin


Mission Statement: The goal of the school is to equip students to gain wisdom and knowledge in a Christ-centered environment so they may be citizens of excellence in Nicaragua and the world.

School History: As Pastor Mario Espinoza planted a church in Nandaime in an impoverished and under-developed neighborhood, the people began asking for help for their children’s education. The church began tutoring students after school and the parents rejoiced as their children began succeeding. They asked the church to begin a school and in 2005, the school began with one class of preschool. The next year, they added another grade - until the present time of having three preschool grades, and 1st-11th grades with more than 400 students in attendance. *School year goes from January-December.

If you would like to help this school, there are needs for teacher's salaries, student uniforms, scholarships for students whose family's can't afford the minimal monthly fees. Donations toward these needs can be sent to RBW with a note expressing your desire to have them used for the Blessings of God school. Click here to donate.