Colombia - February 25-March 4, 2020

Taking a team of church pastors and leaders on a survey trip is a blast - especially when each one of them has a passion for extending the Kingdom of God to places where it has not reached, learning from, and  training and equipping national and indigenous pastors, and having a good time doing it. 

Our team was able to meet with leaders and students at two Bible and mission training schools, pastors and ministry directors involved with outreaches to indigenous villages and inner city at-risk communities. We had lots of information to process and pray over. Met incredible people. Ate some interesting cultural cuisine. Walked more than 10,000 steps most days. Saw opportunities and challenges. Prayed. Then we came home to the COVID-19 affair. Amazing how a little virus can change the course of the world - at least as we see it.  Our God has never been surprised by anything, nor has He lost His sovereignty. 

Some of the opportunities that were presented to us are for gatherings with indigenous in June and July in Colombia.  We don't have a clue what's going to be happening then, so we walk by faith trusting in the One who does know what will be happening. 

Stay tuned for further updates.