August 7-21, 2019

The country of Colombia is one rich in natural resources and beauty. Located along the Andes Mountain range, it no only has the majestic mountains, but also, vast plains, and verdant rain forests. The Amazon basin holds flora and fauna yet to be cataloged, but also people groups that have never heard the name of Jesus nor God's rescue plan.

Plagued with years of internal war with guerrilla and para-military factions, the Church of Jesus Christ has flourished in the large cities but many in the lower status people groups in rural areas and indigenous tribes have lacked a present and culturally aware witness of the Gospel. But God is moving and has connected us with key national leaders and expatriate ministries who share the desire and call to train up national and indigenous believers to take the Gospel to those who have not yet heard or have had an incomplete presentation of the Gospel. Our goal is that an autonomous and healthy church be present in each of the people groups and that from this diverse Body of Christ, there will be missionaries prepared and sent the unreached people groups of the world.

March 6-13, 2019 Trip

The God who calls us to pray, is the same God who answers those prayers. This was very evident on the recent trip to Colombia, South America. As our team of 8 from MN and ND joined a team of 3 plus many more in Colombia, we had asked for the Lord to extend our vision and give us direction. We had our vision extended beyond what we thought and are now processing the direction ahead of us.

We made contacts with at least 8 different ministries there and visited 4 locations for possible future connections for teams. Each site was very different and teams would have truly varied experiences, but every one is fitting for partnerships. 

Here are some pictures from the various locations of Bosa District in Bogota with the Alliance Church and Pastor Luis Edgar, the Way of Holiness Christian Church in Samaca, Boyaca Department with Pastor Manuel, the Casa del Padre Camp site in the Villavicencio area, and the Guahibo village in Planas, Meta Department. Contact us for more information.