student sponsorship

Sponsor a Student - Both in Nicaragua and Colombia. We have contact with incredible young people who have a passion and skills for ministry, but lack the finances for the training. $50 a month covers a portion of tuition or transportation so these men and women can study for lives of ministry and service at one of the two Bible / Mission Training schools in Colombia, or at a local university if they are seeking a profession that will serve the Great Commission plan in areas requiring creative access. 

Partnership Opportunities:

National & Indigenous Missionary Support

The command to the Church is to make disciples that will make disciples. As national and indigenous church leaders catch the vision of missions, generally the only thing that holds them back is the need for financial support. We went to come together with the Colombia Church to help launch this new wave of missionaries to their place of service. Partnership donations can range from $50 to $250 a month. This is a relatively new endeavor but we're partnering with some mission agencies with a long history of sending out missionaries.

pastor sponsorship

Adopt-A-Pastor - Sometimes a national pastor has pressing needs that are transient in nature - a lot of children of school age needing uniforms or shoes, medical emergencies or situations that sap the family's resources, stretching ministry costs that the churches can't cover - in these situations, a small financial monthly support can help them get over the crisis and maintain their ministry responsibilities. With as little as $25, $50 or $75 a month, a pastor's family can be encouraged and remain in their place of service.