Sharing the Good News

Taking a trip out of your own comfort zone is one of the best ways of jump-starting a more radical life as a Christ-follower. As we link with national believers, life takes on a whole new perspective. Our family members may speak a different language and live with a different culture set, but in Christ, we have much in common and much to learn from one another. We take small groups (generally from one church) of 20 or less to places in Colombia and  Nicaragua where we partner with a local church or ministry. We have locations in cities or in rural areas.Trips may be 7-10 days, or longer. What happens on these tours is personalized to the needs of the receiving location and the skills and abilities of the sending group. What is part of all teams is group devotions, prayer times, emphasis on humble servant attitudes and a willingness to learn. Other than that, teams may do: 

Prayer walking, sharing their testimonies, teaching a class, participating in a medical outreach, hosting a children's outreach, providing an English class intensive, preaching, washing feet, learning about cultures, distributing literature, helping with whatever the church or ministry is working on, and the list goes on . . . . . Whatever it takes to evangelize the lost, and encourage and equip the Church to make Christ known in all the world.

Want to talk with us about setting up a team for your group? Call us at 320-220-5003 or email Carol.

Forms For Mission's Insight Trips

You will find Adult and Youth Application Forms in pdf format here. If you do not have pdf formatting on your computer, you may install free pdf software here

RBW Missions is happy to accept applications from anyone interested in participating in a mission's insight trip but here are a few important facts.

1) Generally, our trips are made up of one church putting together a group. Sometimes we will connect an extra person or two with a group - with their permissions.

2) Our team members need to be in agreement with our Statement of Faith.

3) We have some great locations where we already have stable contacts and we're happy to take you to these places Colombia and Nicaragua. You can contact us if you'd like more information on opportunities and cost.  

4) These trips are dual purposed excursions - they're for the national church providing encouragement, support, and camaraderie in the labors for the Kingdom, but they're also for us as we learn from them and take on the role of servants and get out of our comfort zones. Team members usually comment that they felt more blessed than being a blessing. 

Sponsor a trip or a team member.