• CAROL acosta

    Executive Manager, Founder

    Catching a glimpse of the greatness and glory of God, Carol has been "wrecked" by the vision of Revelation 7:9 where people from every nation, tribe, people, and language encircle the Throne shouting praise and worship to the Lamb. Her greatest desire is to be a faithful messenger of the message of reconciliation and to be used to get that message to the ends of the earth. She enjoys watching movies with her incredible hubby, Enrique, and their wonderful son, Gabriel, having people over for a home-cooked meal, reading for wisdom and for pleasure, praying with her prayer group, and getting together with extended family for game nights.



    Colombia Liaison & Logistical Support

    Diego joined the RBW team officially the end of 2019. He's a gift from the Lord with his skills in communications, wisdom, and character. His passion for the glory of God and for the advancement of the Kingdom to where it has never gone before is contagious. Diego and his wife, Eliana, live in Bogotá where they enjoy getting together with friends for food, fun, and fellowship and serving the Lord through their local church ministries.


    Nicaragua Liaison

    Ivania joined our team in 2021. She's an accountant by profession and an ambassador of Jesus by calling. Growing up as a PK (preacher's kid) in Nicaragua, she has served the Lord in many areas of ministry, and she brings her passion for missions to our team. She is currently focusing on researching opportunities for mobilizing pastors and churches in Nicaragua for the sake of reaching the unreached with the Gospel and helping pastors and their families connect with resources to make that possible.


    Board Member

    Monte and his family live in the middle of east central South Dakota. He is a follower of Christ first, and a cattle and grain farmer second. He and his family have been on mission service trips with RBW Missions to Mexico and he has a heart to use his influence and resources for the advancement of the Gospel of Christ. He and his wife, Sheri, have raised 5 children and are the fun grandparents to 3 sweet little grandbabies. They enjoy traveling in their motor home and visiting their children & grandchildren when the opportunity arises. 


    Board Member, Secretary

    Sheri and her hubby have farmed their whole marriage and they have raised their five children with the skills of hard work and godly common sense. Sheri brings her gifts of thoughtful faith and sacrificial service to the RBW Board. She's not afraid to ask the hard questions, but always with grace - a skill that God has honed through years of being foster parents and advocates for those in family distress. 

    Sheri spends here time volunteering at the local Pregnancy Center and at church. She also enjoys her ladies Bible Study, sewing, and reading.



    My name is Amanda Cook and I help with the RBW finances and accounting. It is a privilege to work with this practical side of the ministry and be part of what God is doing through RBW. I love seeing God's continued provision and how He is growing the ministry as we seek His Kingdom first. Amanda desires more than anything to serve the Lord faithfully and boldly for all the days of her life. If you have comments or questions for Amanda, feel free to email her.


    Board Member

    Along with her husband, Marilyn's heart for the Lord Jesus comes out in a lifestyle of service. Talented with computer skills, organization, creativity, and boldness, she blesses people in Jesus' name wherever she goes.


    Board Member

    Teresa was bit by the missions bug in January 2015 and it has since become her passion. She has been studying Spanish for over three years and spent three weeks in Guatemala learning in an immersion school. Teresa has had the opportunity to translate and help lead teams in Mexico. She gives her all and isn’t afraid to step outside her comfort zone, giving her the chance to totally trust in the Lord. She has a servant’s heart and is looking forward to being involved in the ministry work in Nicaragua or wherever else the Lord leads. Teresa, her husband Trent and their two daughters are from McClusky, North Dakota.


    Board Member, Chairman

    Trent started missions work in 2015 after his wife and oldest daughter returned from their first trip in Mexico and insisted the whole family go again. He has since been a part of seven different teams. Not only does he enjoy sharing about Jesus, but he also likes to use his many skills to benefit others: construction, leadership, carpentry, painting and more. He is excited to continue serving through RBW Missions and is looking forward to new experiences in Nicaragua and expanding his Spanish vocabulary. Trent, his wife Teresa and their two daughters are from McClusky, North Dakota.


    Associate Missionary for Member Care

    Being from Puerto Rico and having traveled around Central and South America, international speaker/teacher José brings his pastoral heart, counseling training, and knowledge of the Hispanic culture to the Ministry. He teaches at the Adopt-A-Pastor Retreats in Nicaragua with us and cares for our other Missionary Associates in Nicaragua and Colombia, as well as making himself available in his retirement, for pastoral care and counseling and church planting consulting in MN, SD, and ND. He lives with his wife, Nora, in Willmar, MN.

  • Nora rivera

    Associate Missionary with Member Care

    With a creative flair that is exciting and sensitive, Nora brings vivacious wisdom to RBW Missions. Originally from Venezuela, the Lord has brought her through many places and many experiences which He has used to shape her into a vibrant speaker/teacher whose compassion and determination, mixed with Holy Spirit power, make her a dynamic ambassador for the Kingdom of God.


    Regional Representative

    A father, husband, farmer, carpinter, and Bible teacher and just so happens to be a brother-in-law to Carol and Enrique, Brent is excited to begin this journey with RBW. His heart for the Lord and his strong desire to lead the world to Christ mix well with his knowledge in agriculture and carpentry. Brent is our "west of the river" representative and consultant with all things agricultural and construction for teams to south of the border.