Maybe you're wondering what RBW stands for? It comes from Isaiah 58, verses 1 - 12 and it's the acronym for Repairers of Broken WallsBut, we're not a construction company - at least not like one you'd commonly think of - RBW Missions is about the rebuilding of relationships between God and His fallen creation through the work of Jesus, His Son, on the cross. We are His ambassadors in word and in deed -doing the things that mark us as belonging to Jesus.

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These are the fundamental beliefs of RBW Missions, which dictate where we're headed to and where our treasure is atheart



We believe the Bible, we obey the Bible, we preach and teach the Bible.



Jesus came to seek and save the lost, we must do the same.



The Church. We love the Church, belong to the Church, support the Church, work to establish the Church where it has not yet been established.

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Including marriage between one biological man and one biological woman, family life that nurtures children, that values life from conception to natural death and an adherence to the truth that we are created in God´s image - male and female.

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biblical stewardship

of God's creation, His Message and provision. 

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in the gathering and sharing of knowledge, life experiences and insights for the mutual benefit and blessing of all. 


quote-leftConnecting Christ-followers globally to evangelize the lost, and encourage and equip the Church to make Christ known in all the world. quote-right

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Taking a trip out of your own comfort zone is one of the best ways of jump-starting a more radical life as a Christ-follower. As we link with national believers, life takes on a whole new perspective. Our family members may speak a different language and live with a different culture set, but in Christ, we have much in common and much to learn from one another. We take small groups (generally from one church) of 20 or less to places in Colombia and  Nicaragua where we partner with a local church or ministry.
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Our Missions

Get all the information you need about the places where God is making a difference through our associate missionaries, the short term mission trips we have programmed and what your group can expect as they serve on mission with RBW. More about missions


    Arauca is a border state with Venezuela located in the eastern part of Colombia. It's divided into 7 regious where many distinct indigenous people groups reside, including the Guahibos, Uwa, Piapocos, Amorúa, Yamalero, Cuiba, Sikuani, and the Tsiripú. We partner with E. and D., veteran cross-cultural Gospel workers and Bible School teachers, as they serve to plant churches and disciple Christ-followers among the various tribal groups located there.
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    Dense jungles and winding rivers provide lush cover and provision for the thousands of indigenous villages tucked away from world and barely visible from the sky. The beauty and immensity of flora and fauna reflect the marvelous creativity of God. In this amazing setting, we partner with national and indigenous workers to carry the Word of God in the regions of Leticia, Chorrera, and Mirití through collaborations with Escuela de Missiones de la Amazonía, and local churches. Our farm, Finca La Promesa, is under construction now with plans to be a base of operation for many partner ministries with the purpose of reaching the unreached hidden within this Green Window. 

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  • Pastoral couples receive certificates of training


    We believe that Nicaragua is a place of blessing for Central America and we are blessed to partner with national pastors and leaders who valiantly preach the Word. In cooperation and partnership with the Nehemiah Center, we provide training opportunities aimed at equipping and encouraging these leaders as they strategize ways to live out the Gospel and disciple Christ-followers in their congregations and in the midst of political uncertainty and economic difficulties.  
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RBW Team

RBW Missions team

PEOPLE who LOVE God and want others to have the opportunity to know Him, too

We come from different places, with different accents and languages, but we had the same heart's desire - that of extending the Kingdom of God to the ends of the earth until every people group has heard the Good News and His Church has been planted among them.  
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Cheerful giving comes from a heart that recognizes that we can never out-give our gracious and generous God. RBW Missions is kept going by donations from people like you who agree with the work that we're doing in Central and South America and want to be part of that work.

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We believe that every believer in Jesus is a critical piece of the puzzle in the work of missions around the world. We're not disqualified from the effort because of our history or background. Our gifts, or lack of gifts, doesn't hinder His Spirit from doing what He want. God has called all of us to be involved in getting His Word out to the whole world (see Matthew 28:19-20) Not everyone can, or should go. But we all can be involved. Look below to see some ways you can jump in and get busy with what God is doing by way of RBW Missions and our associates in Central and South America.  Pray Give Go

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